Once the desired parts are added to the basket, it is then essential to send the basket parts list to the supplier.
To access the basket click on Order and then 'Basket'.

The basket will be displayed filtered by manufacturer.

In the banner are displayed the functionalities of the basket including the function "Transform into order".

"Multi-selection" option:

If you do not wish to order the entire basket, this option allows you to select only the products you wish to order.

Click on "Enable multi-selection" and choose the parts you want to order:

"Proceed to chek out" option: the user has to complete the following steps so that the order can be sent to the manufacturer.

1 - The first step is to check and add the information about the delivery: delivery account, delivery option, desired delivery date....

2 - The 2nd step is to quot the list of parts to order

In this step, the information from the manufacturer is displayed: your price, availability, confirmed quantity, delivery date, costs.....

If the information is correct, you can confirm the order.

3 - The last step is to confirm the order. 

The order is sent to the manufacturer.

It is possible to track the progress of the order from  "Order'/'Order tracking'.