To access the Order Tracking, click on the "Order "icon and then on "Order Tracking".

Since Agoraplus is a multi-manufacturer, all commands are displayed.

To refine the search, you can choose a manufacturer to display the list of commands.

Choose a manufacturer from the drop-down menu, then click on "Search".

Note: it is possible to filter the list 

  • by order status
  • by customer id, 
  • manufacturer reference, 
  • part reference...

The list of orders for the selected manufacturer is displayed with for each order:

  • the Agora order number
  • the supplier
  • the customer order number
  • the manufacturer's order reference
  • the delivery account
  • the status of the order
  • the order's creation date

To obtain the content of an order, double-click on the desired one, the content is displayed in another tab:

You can print the order by clicking on the printer: