A problem viewing the documentation is related to the Adobe Reader software.

Follow the steps below:

1- Check that you have ADOBE READER installed on your computer:

Procedure to follow:

- Start

- Control Panel

- Programs

- Programs and Features

- ADOBE READER should appear in the list

2- If you have ADOBE READER and you are not viewing products and exploded views:

How to enable / disable ADOBE READER:

- Open a new Internet Explorer page

- Tools (top right)

- Manage Add-ons

- In the drop-down menu Display => All add-ons

- Highlight ADOBE READER

- Click disable / enable

3- If you do not have ADOBE READER:

- Go to: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

- Uncheck the optional offers


- Once the download is done, return to Agora to open an exploded view (accept the rights offered by Adobe Reader).

If the problem persists please contact us at