The home page displays important information and allows quick access to certain features.

Seven widgets make up the homepage:

  • Viewing news and services newsletters
  • New work orders (only for authorized users)
  • Warranty reports to be updated (only for authorized users)
  • Orders in Progress
  • Statistics of orders by manufacturer
  • News feed from AGORA
  • Saved Requests

Viewing news and Bulletin services

Some high priority newsletters will be listed in this card by manufacturer.
News and flashes will also appear in this card.
By double clicking on the line of a bulletin or news service, a pop-up will be displayed allowing access to the associated complete message.

Current orders

The "Current orders" widget allows you to list all the orders in progress.
By double clicking on an order line, the order will open in a new tab.

Statistics of orders by manufacturer

A diagram allows you to instantly view the percentage of orders placed for each manufacturer.

News feed from AGORA

Keeps you informed about all the news about your AGORA program.

My saved requests

Allows quick access to a document search or previously saved orders. By double clicking on one of these searches, the documentation screen or orders are displayed filtered on the selected search. 

It is possible to manage the widgets on the homepage by customising them using the bar on the right of the homepage:

To do so, please consult the following FAQ: How to customize the homepage?