You can accept or refuse your work orders directly from Agoraplus home screen:

You can also access the list of work orders, by choosing the "Repair" category in the navigation bar, then "Work orders":

The list of work orders is then displayed:

1- Banner: the accessible features are displayed in the banner

2- List filters: different filters allow you to choose the display preferences.

3- Search bar: filters allow to refine the display in the workspace

  • The red clock to the left of the line means that the manufacturer imposes a maximum response time
  • At the end of each line, there is a green sign and a red cross to accept or refuse work orders directly.

To view a work order, double-click on the desired line.

The banner features allow you to accept, refuse, print or export the work order.

As soon as a work order is accepted, a repair file containing all the information of the work order is created.