From the Follow-up of file imports:

When you click on the "repair file" link, the folders contained in the import file are displayed in a list:

In the list that appears, the presence of a red triangle at the beginning of the line indicates the presence of errors in the repair file.

The errors will have to be corrected before the order can be placed.

Select the folder(s) for which you wish to place the order:

(it is possible to select everything by ticking the top box), then click on "Transform into an order".

The order pop-up appears:

You will have to accept the T&Cs by ticking the box, then:

  • if you wish to check each order, click on "Place order" for each of the 3 orders one after the other
  • if you wish to validate all 3 orders, click on "Validate all orders":

Once the orders have been received, in order to be able to close the file, it will be necessary to upload the modified file a second time.