To renew your AGORA subscription, go to, and enter your AGORA account number and your password.

  • Step 1 : Choose the manufacturer and the quantity 

In "My current pack", you need to select the manufacturer(s) for which you want to subscribe and select the amount of licenses, then click on "Next". 

  • Step 2 : Choose the payment method and duration

Select the payment mode and the number of months for which you want to subscribe for; then click on “Next”.

  • If you choose credit card payment: you will be directed to a secure payment page.
  • If you choose the bank transfer, a pop-up will open with bank details, where you can also download the IBAN

Payment by credit card:


Payment by bank transfer:

  • Step 3 : Summary of your choices

This screen displays the purchase summary.

You must check and validate your contact details, then click on "Close".

At the end of the process, a final summary screen is displayed with :

- the invoice number, 

- the duration of the subscription, 

- the quantity of licenses.