You can open an account directly from our website on

With your login and password from the appliance manufacturers, setting up your account will be faster.

You are strongly encouraged to check your logins and passwords with your suppliers.

  • Step 1: Fill in your details, the fields marked with a small red star are mandatory, then click on "Next".

  • Step 2 : Check the box "I am a manufacturer's customer", then click on "Next"

  • Step 3: Request your manufacturer account by clicking on "+ Add/Request a manufacturer account":

=> choose the manufacturer from the drop-down menu, then click on "Next".

=> Check the box corresponding to your case, tick the acceptance box, and click on "Send my request"

The request is sent to the manufacturer, you will receive a confirmation email.

=> for each manufacturer for whom you want an account, repeat this process, and click on "Next".

  • Step 4: Choose your password and click on "Next"

  • Step 5: Summary and checking of your information

If everything is correct, you can click on "Finish"

The account creation notification is displayed: