Only customers authorized by the manufacturer(s) may use this module.

In the Agoraplus home screen, there are 2 dedicated widgets:

- New Work orders

- Warranty reports to be updated

When the work order is accepted, it is closed, a repair file is immediately created with all the information contained in the work order.

Using the status codes, you will be able to update your repair file, from the 1st appointment to the closure of the file.

This file can be modified throughout the repair process.

When the file is closed with WR, it is transformed into a Warranty report and contains all the information from the repair file.

Each form (WO - RF - WR) is presented in the same way with the same headings:

- Reference

- Product

- Consumer

- Repair

The status is always indicated in a colored frame at the top right.

When a category contains errors, it is displayed in red.

Work Order

Repair file

Warranty report