As soon as the work order is accepted, the repair file is created and opens immediately in the workspace, in a new tab.

Repair File organisation

1 - Summary: header of the repair file

2 - Status: after-sales service follow-up, to indicate the progress of the file and the actions carried out

3 - Details: organized by sections, it contains the information that the Partner can modify.

For each modification made in the repair file, do not forget to save by clicking on the "Save" function in the banner.

In the Status group box: the "Work order accepted" status is displayed.

The status of the file, at the top right is "To be planned".

- Add a status

Position yourself in the "status" box and enter the status or click on the orange icon   


To open the status list:

Select a status and click on "Select".

Add the required information (depending on the status chosen) and then

Click on the "Add the status" button.

The new status is added to the list, above the previous one.

The information is transmitted directly to the manufacturer.

- Modify the details





In this category, the Partner can diagnose the failure and forecast spare parts.

It will then be necessary to add the parts to the basket.