To create a new Repair file, click on the "New Repair" button in the banner.

Video available at the bottom of the page.

A creation wizard opens and prompts you to enter the product reference:

When the reference is found, a list is displayed, select the product and click on "Create repair file":

The file opens in a new tab "New repair":

The file is presented in the form of 5 categories that can be retracted by clicking on the arrow pictogram to the left of the name.

In each category, the mandatory fields are identified with a red star.

  • Reference:

  • Product:

  • Consumer:

  • Repair:

  • Delivery address:

To save the information entered, click on "Save" in the banner.

The new repair file is created:

In the repair file, 

The correct categories are indicated by a green pictogram at the end of the line.

Categories in which errors need to be corrected are indicated by a red pictogram at the end of the line.

After unfolding the category "Repair", 

The list of errors in the category is displayed on the left in red, the field in error is framed in red and the error message associated with this field is displayed below it:

The warnings are displayed on the left in orange, they are not blocking the saving of the file.