There are three ways to access the device documentation:

  • by product, accessories catalogs

  • by the research function
  • by the spare part card by consulting the use cases of the part

Access to the product documentation is done by choosing the "Documentation" category:


Consult the documentation of a product from the catalog

Select one of the catalogs below, then a manufacturer, a brand, a product family, a product.

Then click on the product to access the device documentation:

  • exploded views
  • technical drawings
  • device nomenclature


View device documentation from a search

You can enter the reference of the desired device or the first characters of the reference in the "Reference" box.
Then click on 'Search' to get the results.

NB: it is also possible to use the filters 'Type' and 'Manufacturer' to refine the results of the search.


Search results

To access the device, click on the desired product and the product card will appear in a new tab.

Item 1: Product Information
Item 2: Technical documentation
Item 3: Nomenclature of the device

Access to the card of one of the parts of the nomenclature is available by selecting the part and clicking on the icon below.

The price of the part is visible from the 'currency' icon available in the detail of the selected line.

Consult the documentation of a device from a use case

See "part search" for access to a part sheet from the documentation.
In the Office menu will appear a 'Used by' feature that can display the list of products associated with the part.
From this list, it will be possible to open the product sheet.