There are several ways to add a part to an order basket:

  • from the part sheet
  • from the product sheet
  • from the option "Preparing order"

Add a part to the basket from the part sheet

From the part sheet, if the connected account is authorized to order parts from the manufacturer, then the function "Add to basket" will be active.
By clicking on'Add to basket', a pop-up will appear to allow you to select the quantity, enter a mission order number and comment if necessary.

Add a part to the basket from the product sheet

It is possible to add a part to the basket from the product sheet.
By selecting a part from the product's nomenclature and clicking on "Add to basket"

=> opening the pop-up window

- to see the price and disponibility

- for entering the quantity, comments and mission order number

Add a part from the option 'Preparing order'

In order to add one or more parts to one or more baskets, the application allows you to create a parts list and then add it to the basket.
To create this parts list, click on 'Preparing order'.

Then enter the part reference, quantity and click on "Add to the list".

Repeat the operation with all the parts to be added to the list.
When the parts list is complete, click on 'Add to the basket'.

The parts will therefore be distributed in the different manufacturers baskets.
Warning: when a part is sent in the order basket it does not mean that the order is sent to the manufacturer.

Each basket must be independently sent to the manufacturer.