It is possible to create a new warranty report by clicking in the banner on the feature: "Warranty Report"

After having clicked on "Warranty report", a window "New warranty report" opens in which it will be necessary to enter the reference of the device:

If the search gives several results, it will be necessary to choose the desired reference then click on "OK"

In the following screen, you will have to fill in all the sections of the warranty report form:

- Reference report

- Product

- Consumer

- Repair

When the entry is complete, click on "Save" in the banner.

Controls are carried out and the report is marked as "Valid" or "Invalid".

If the report is "Valid", it can be sent to the manufacturer by clicking on the "Transfer" feature in the banner.

If the report is "Invalid", it means that information is missing or incorrect and will need to be corrected. The report cannot be transferred to the manufacturer.