Open the repair file, then go to the "Parts list" section:

Video available at the bottom of the page.

- enter the part number


- choose a reference from the list

When the part reference is chosen, click on "Add a part".

The part appears in the list below:

Tick the box "To be ordered" for each part to order.

To finalise the order, click on "Transform into order" in the banner:

An order confirmation pop-up appears:

Tick the box accepting the GTC and click on "Place order".

The order is analysed by Agora and according to the result of this analysis:

  • either the part is ordered
  • either a replacement product is ordered
  • or a RCA is edited.

If the part can be ordered, the status is added to the list, the link to the order is clickable.

or a product is ordered

or a RCA is edited